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Reboot: The Game

Over the last month or so I have been working on a new game called Reboot. I was making this as part of a team of three for a competition Games Fleadh. At the competition we managed to take home the Best Original Story Award for our game. It was a very enjoyable competition and I was quite pleased with the final game we produced. In this entry I’m going to talk about the game itself that we made.


The game is a (semi) top down dungeon crawler. The player is a robot that is trying to free itself from a prison that it was placed in for breaking the three laws of Robotics. They must fight and destroy the tanks preventing their escape through three levels. Each level is made up of a number of rooms. These rooms contain different enemies and enemy combinations. Each room is different which keeps the gameplay interesting and exciting. There is a boss battle at the end of the three levels. Once the player passes a level they are taken to the shop. At the shop they can choose to buy various items that help them in the next level.

Reboot3 Reboot4 Reboot5

Other Features:

– Weather Effects: The weather changes in outside areas and these affect the player in different ways

– Day/Night cycle: There is a constant time running through the game and depending on the time of the day it affects the enemies

– Level loading: The levels are all made in text files and are loaded in. They are premade now but random room loading could be added later.
Reboot6 Reboot7 Reboot8 Reboot9

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Reboot: My Responsibilities

Over the last month or so I have been working on a new game called Reboot. I was making this as part of a team of three for a competition Games Fleadh. At the competition we managed to take home the Best Original Story Award for our game. It was a very enjoyable competition and I was quite pleased with the final game we produced. I’m going to talk briefly about my responsibilities in the development of the game.

My main jobs were involved with the player and the enemies in the game. My work on the player involved making the movement, the shooting and the stats needed for the player to function. This was mostly straight forward. The movement was handled by WASD and the shooting was done by arrow keys. Each arrow allowed you to shoot in that direction. The stats of the player included health, damage, power and speed. I had to make methods to deal with various effects to these. For example items would give you boosts to them. There was also weather in the game and these would affect the player in various ways ie snow slowed you down, rain made you use double power.

The enemies were a lot more difficult. We needed to have enough variety in enemies so the game didn’t get stale too fast. I started by creating a number of different shooting methods and different movement methods. These each acted in their own way. Then I combined them together to make different enemies. For instance by combining the patrol movement and shoot straight made a fairly easy enemy. But combining the random movement and circle shooting made a very unpredictable enemy.

There was also an enemy who would shoot tracking shots at you. I did this by making the tracking bullet a new enemy type. The shooter simply spawned a new enemy on itself that then moved towards the player. A similar solution was used to make boss battles more challenging. The boss of each level would spawn simple enemies to help itself.

I had a few other jobs such as making the menu systems, developing the shop and putting in the story to the game. These were controlled by the arrow keys and simply scrolled through arrays and updating the current index.

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Alien Town Update

I have been adding a number of new features to Alien Town. A lot of them are small but they all add something good to the game.

There is now a restart option when you die. You are brought back to the main menu and can click start again and new game will be generated. There are temporary menus in place as well. These will be made properly soon. When you are to click on a button it will change colour to show you are hovering over it.
End turn is automatically called now if your moves get to 0. This is to prevent slowing down when you only have 1 move total. The game can be played faster now. A health bar has been added which will show your health in graphic form. Nice and easy for checking your status.

Future Updates:
– Peek inside a building before entering
– Character select
– Implement story

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Playable Build

I have made the current build of the game available for download. You can play it and notify me of any bugs that appear in it. Theres a readme file in the zip with some instructions on how to play.

Download Build


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Alien Town Gameplay

Here are a few gameplay videos of alien town. They show off a variety of features such as:

– battles

– inventory and loot system

– patrol attacks

– variety in items and enemies

– use of buttons or hotkeys

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New Game: Alien Town

This is a new game that I have been working on for the past week. Its a turn based game where you explore the town and defeat the various enemies you come up against. There is also loot available for you to pick up and gain bonuses from.

For the game you control just one character and you move them about the world. After you have completed your moves you press E or the end turn button to end the turn. You will now be able to complete actions again. When you enter a building there might be a person inside. All people are hostile in this world and entering a building will initiate a fight sequence. A fight sequence consists of a random number between 1 and 6 being chosen for both the player and the enemy. Each attack is added to the random number and the higher deals damage. If the enemy is still alive the player will be moved back out of the building and onto the street.

You don’t have to kill anyone but they may be protecting some good loot. Loot consists of four types. Helmets, Boot Implants, Wrist Implants, Weapons. The implants are part of the lore of the world. They add various bonuses to your character such as increased damage, attack, health or more moves per turn. Items are found randomly in different buildings.  Pressing I at any time opens your inventory which shows your stats and the items you have equipped at that moment.

The map will be expanded with varying types of buildings and scenery. One feature that hasnt been implemented yet is the “Federation Patrol”. After a number of turns the Galacian Federation (a faction in the world) will do a patrol of the town and anyone caught outside is attacked. So as the player you must try get inside a building when this turn comes around otherwise you will be attacked by a whole squadron of enemies.

I have a number of other features I’d like to add for the future. These include:

– Character selection at the start

– Leveling up

– Scrolling map to allow larger play area

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New Platformer

I have started work on a new game. Its going to be a side scrolling platformer. The premise is simple enough, you are an apprentice wizard trying to get through the forest. You will have to jump and  fight various enemies on your way through. I plan to make a small number of levels with small variations on each.

So far I am working on the sprites and the basic gameplay functions. In terms of gameplay I have got the side to side movement working and the jumping works. The collision with platforms is partially working and needs to be improved to work correctly. I have got the level scrolling with the player also. As the player moves their character the ground will move along revealing new parts of the level.

I need to implement basic enemies and some form of projectile shooting. These will be similar to Alien Invaders so they wont be too difficult.

Here are some of the sprites I have been working on.

Level Maker

While starting work on a new project I ended up devising a simple way of making room levels for a top down game. It uses a single sprite as a block and placing this in multiple places to form the walls. The level can be planned out in a 2d dimensional array of integer values. A 1 signifies a block and 0 signifies a blank. A loop then reads this array setting the positions based on the position in the array.

I will be doing more work on this finding some way of storing and loading different level layouts from within the program.

These two variations were made and changed in a short time with minimal effort.

Alien Invaders Update

This is a newer version of Alien Invaders.

New Features:

-added in a multiplier bonus and score bonus that can be caught in a game

– changed the restart game button to enter to stop an accidental quick restart

– added quick controls to start screen