Hurling Simulation Engine Update

I have continued work on my Hurling match engine over the last few days and have made some good progress. I have added more factors in to affect the overall simulation of events in a match. A teams attack and opponents defence now play a factor into scoring points and goals. Teams can also perform defensive plays which are affected by their defence. A goalie gets factored into the goal probability now.

teamOneTotalProb = 1.8 + ((teamOneAtk - teamTwoDef)/100) + ((teamOneAtk - teamTwoDef - teamTwo.getGoalKeeper())/100) + (teamOneDef/1000)
+ teamOnePointMod + teamOneGoalMod + teamOneDefMod - (2 * teamTwoDefMod);
teamOnePoint = 0.8 + ((teamOneAtk - teamTwoDef)/100) + teamOnePointMod - teamTwoDefMod;
teamOneGoal = teamOnePoint + 0.04 + ((teamOneAtk - teamTwoDef - teamTwo.getGoalKeeper())/100) + teamOneGoalMod - teamTwoDefMod;
teamOneDefence = teamOneGoal + 0.2 + (teamOneDef/1000) + teamOneDefMod;

Another large addition is the use of tactics for a team. There are 5 tactics to choose from: Attacking, Defensive, Long Ball, Short passing or Take points. They are designated as a single character at the start of a teamsheet and read in with the players. Each tactic counters two and is countered by two so it creates a nice rock paper scissors strategy. The bonus for countering your opponent is an increase to the teams probability of having an “event”. Each tactic also has an effect on the team depending on the strategy. They are laid out below.

Tactic Counters Countered By Bonus Minus
Attacking Defensive, Take Points Short Pass, Long Ball points, goals defence
Defensive Long Ball, Short Pass Take Points, Attacking Defence Points, goals
Long Ball Attacking, Short Pass Defensive, Take Point Goals Points
Short Pass Attacking, Take Points Defensive, Long Ball Possession None
Take Points Defensive, Long Ball Attacking, Short Pass Points Goals

Frees have also been added in as a subset of scoring. Now after its calculate that it was a score it then checks whether that score was a free or not. A free is always scored by the designated free taker who is written on the teamsheet aswell under the tactic.

if(event < teamOnePoint)
						int free = (int)(Math.random() * 4);

						if(free > 0)
							p = teamOne.getPlayers().get(playerEvent(teamOne, 37, 71, 91, 99)).getName();
							comment = commentary.getPointCom(p, teamOne);
							p = teamOne.getFreeTaker().getName();
							comment = commentary.getFreeCom(p, teamTwo);

						score = true;

Commentary lines look like this before being read in. <name> is replace by the player performing the action and <other> is a relevant other player involved in the play.


<name> hits it past the goalie and into the back of the net.
<name> catches the ball, turns and scores a goal.
The ball is picked up by the sideline by <name> he solos past two men and hits it past the goalie.
The sliotar is rifled past the goalie by <name>.
The ball is fumbled by the goalie and <name> pulls on it.
A good ball into the corner to <name> leads to a good shot past the goalie.
The ball is caught by <other> and he lays it off to <name> who scores a goal.
A fast pull by <name> and its a goal.
<other> breaks the high ball for <name> who hits it past the keeper.
A lucky break falls to <name> and he finishes the goal.

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