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WikiWar is now finished and is available to download on the app store. I have also had my code interview for the app with my lecturer and received an A1 for the project. I am very happy with how the project has turned out and this post is going to talk about the final game and what I worked on.

The purpose of the game is to use Wikipedia to get from one page to another. You are rated by speed or skill depending on the game mode you chose. The game modes are:

: Get from a set start to a set end point and you are rated on how few clicks you use

Timed: Similar to standard but with different presets and you are rated on how fast you complete the levle

Random: Gets a random starting point from Wikipedia (it can be ANYTHING) and picks from a large random list of preset pages as your end

Multiplayer: Pass-and-Play between two people. One chooses the start and the other chooses the end. The winner is whoever uses fewer clicks

The variety of modes adds lots of different ways to play and keeps people interested longer.

While playing there are a few things that the player can do. They can read through the Wikipedia page looking for a relevant link on the webview. They also can click the question mark at the top to remind themself of where they are trying to get to. For a faster game you can use the search feature which allows you to search for a word on the page that you feel may help you complete the level.

My main work was focused on the modes themselves. I started off by making the basic game activity and created the Standard mode. The menu and game activity were used by others to make the random mode and timed modes. They used the template and added in the appropriate code. I also worked on the multiplayer mode (previous post on this). I also worked on creating the win screen and displaying the stars to rate your performance.
wikiwar2 wikiwar3wikiwar4

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