Reboot: The Game

Over the last month or so I have been working on a new game called Reboot. I was making this as part of a team of three for a competition Games Fleadh. At the competition we managed to take home the Best Original Story Award for our game. It was a very enjoyable competition and I was quite pleased with the final game we produced. In this entry I’m going to talk about the game itself that we made.


The game is a (semi) top down dungeon crawler. The player is a robot that is trying to free itself from a prison that it was placed in for breaking the three laws of Robotics. They must fight and destroy the tanks preventing their escape through three levels. Each level is made up of a number of rooms. These rooms contain different enemies and enemy combinations. Each room is different which keeps the gameplay interesting and exciting. There is a boss battle at the end of the three levels. Once the player passes a level they are taken to the shop. At the shop they can choose to buy various items that help them in the next level.

Reboot3 Reboot4 Reboot5

Other Features:

– Weather Effects: The weather changes in outside areas and these affect the player in different ways

– Day/Night cycle: There is a constant time running through the game and depending on the time of the day it affects the enemies

– Level loading: The levels are all made in text files and are loaded in. They are premade now but random room loading could be added later.
Reboot6 Reboot7 Reboot8 Reboot9

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