Reboot: My Responsibilities

Over the last month or so I have been working on a new game called Reboot. I was making this as part of a team of three for a competition Games Fleadh. At the competition we managed to take home the Best Original Story Award for our game. It was a very enjoyable competition and I was quite pleased with the final game we produced. I’m going to talk briefly about my responsibilities in the development of the game.

My main jobs were involved with the player and the enemies in the game. My work on the player involved making the movement, the shooting and the stats needed for the player to function. This was mostly straight forward. The movement was handled by WASD and the shooting was done by arrow keys. Each arrow allowed you to shoot in that direction. The stats of the player included health, damage, power and speed. I had to make methods to deal with various effects to these. For example items would give you boosts to them. There was also weather in the game and these would affect the player in various ways ie snow slowed you down, rain made you use double power.

The enemies were a lot more difficult. We needed to have enough variety in enemies so the game didn’t get stale too fast. I started by creating a number of different shooting methods and different movement methods. These each acted in their own way. Then I combined them together to make different enemies. For instance by combining the patrol movement and shoot straight made a fairly easy enemy. But combining the random movement and circle shooting made a very unpredictable enemy.

There was also an enemy who would shoot tracking shots at you. I did this by making the tracking bullet a new enemy type. The shooter simply spawned a new enemy on itself that then moved towards the player. A similar solution was used to make boss battles more challenging. The boss of each level would spawn simple enemies to help itself.

I had a few other jobs such as making the menu systems, developing the shop and putting in the story to the game. These were controlled by the arrow keys and simply scrolled through arrays and updating the current index.

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