New Platformer

I have started work on a new game. Its going to be a side scrolling platformer. The premise is simple enough, you are an apprentice wizard trying to get through the forest. You will have to jump and  fight various enemies on your way through. I plan to make a small number of levels with small variations on each.

So far I am working on the sprites and the basic gameplay functions. In terms of gameplay I have got the side to side movement working and the jumping works. The collision with platforms is partially working and needs to be improved to work correctly. I have got the level scrolling with the player also. As the player moves their character the ground will move along revealing new parts of the level.

I need to implement basic enemies and some form of projectile shooting. These will be similar to Alien Invaders so they wont be too difficult.

Here are some of the sprites I have been working on.


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